Tattoos and Orthodox Christians

August 31, 2009




I was surprised to hear this weekend that my priest is against tattoos.  Here’s a bit more on this subject, from Father Gregory Naumenko of St. George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church (Hermitage, Pennsylvania).


4 Responses to “Tattoos and Orthodox Christians”

  1. pilgrimhen said

    I did not have time to read the article, but I am not surprised as I recall Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon writing about the Orthodox view of the (fleshly) body – since it will be resurrected, should we not take care of it carefully? I reckon you could go all over with that train of thought (beyond the basic American fundamentalist don’t smoke, don’t drink). Which makes my bunny trail brain think of… don’t eat so much that you are fat and unhealthy. Just thoughts…


  2. maria said

    Really, you were surprised? It is generally not approved of in the Orthodox Church, except for those the Ethiopians have.

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