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The helpful woman from Clothes and has a great video on creating the two-headscarf style y’all like so much.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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Happy Heads

November 7, 2009

  Two designs.  Reversible.  Many color combinations.  Happy Heads.

Bayley at Plain-n-Simple Headcoverings sells a great little ironing board that’s perfect for ironing cap or snood-style headcoverings.

Sheena Matheiken has come up with a great way to raise money for Akansha while demonstrating the brilliance and sustainability of dressing in a uniformThe Uniform Project.  Fantastic. 

I am sorely tempted to imitate this project.  My tentative ‘uniform’ … wearing this Wavy Chinese vest/top in Indian cotton from annyschoo with various combinations of skirts/shirts … I wonder if I could do this???

UPDATE***  I AM doing it.  I bought a couple of them and have been wearing this vest for a couple of weeks.  Love it:  fewer choices makes for fewer headaches and more room in the closet!




I was surprised to hear this weekend that my priest is against tattoos.  Here’s a bit more on this subject, from Father Gregory Naumenko of St. George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church (Hermitage, Pennsylvania).

Yes, I know I just mentioned Shukr.  But their new Eid collection is in!  You have to check it out!




SHUKR is an Arabic word found in the Qur’an which means gratitude or thanks.  Launched in 2001, the Islamic clothing company named Shukr serves people of all religions who are inspired by their faith to dress modestly, but don’t want to  sacrifice style and beauty. 

I’ve purchased several pieces from Shukr, and I’m particularly pleased by their long skirts;  I’m 5 feet 9 and a half inches tall and the length is just right for me.  I recommend watching their clearance page for better prices.


sunbody top hat


Sunbody has these fantastic summer top hats! 

In July 2009, this note was added to the Sunbody blog:

We do have the Top Hats in stock now. We don’t have them for sale on the website, yet, but we do have them and you can order them by phone at 1-800-310-7093 or email at

Jimmy Pryor
SunBody Hats